Every human being, as age progresses, cultivates within him certain qualities that are beyond the reach of any other living being. A significant one that can be observed between a human being and other living beings is the transformation of the former on various behavioral aspects, despite the basic animal instincts that remain common. The elements of virtuousness, empathy, faith, perseverance, intellect, humor, social adaptability, are all examples of hundreds of known and thousands of unknown qualities adored by the most brilliant creation of Nature.

But the concern here is that, with all these positive attributes and accomplishments, humans still continue to live a life that is far away from what is expected from a race, designated to be humane. For example, there are no human beings living in this world who do not know about the atrocities of a war, side effects of smoking, health issues pertaining to stress, or even the fact that life is too short and uncertain. But seldom could we find a person who lives his life with all these valuable informations. Somewhere or the other, the mind is hijacked and diverted towards certain established patterns of behavior, which prima facie looks normal and acceptable. The biases, prejudices and perceptual errors takes precedence over the day to day transactions and sabotage the logical thinking patterns, even without the knowledge of one’s self. The omnipotent of wisdom on earth thus behaves as if proper permission is not there to act wisely.

The chapter focuses on providing a possible solution to the problem through a massive behavioral reengineering process. Efforts are taken here to suggest methods to streamline the approach towards life in a graceful manner incorporating the requirements of self and others. The solution is not as easy as the objective seems to be. At the same time, the difficulties within it do not overrule the possibilities of transformation. The kind of transformations that the human race had experienced throughout its journey over many million years, from the microbes to intelligent social beings, is incomparable with the minor changes envisaged.

Hope you read the chapter, and get yourself educated for building up a world with better quality of existence. May the readers after reading the book, get the required permission to think and act wisely, befitting human beings.

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