Have you ever got bewildered by searching answers to the following questions? What is happiness and why is it being considered as the most important element of life? Is happiness a basic instinct, purpose of life, habit or an attitude? Can happiness be considered as a fate which is beyond control? What is the reason for many people including saints and monks failing to achieve the so called state of eternal happiness? Why didn’t the door of happiness open before the geniuses of behavioral science? Why Aristotle, Darwin, James or Freud failed in gifting humanity with the fundamental knowledge of living one’s life with peace, happiness, satisfaction and contentment?This chapter would probably guide you to find an appropriate answer.


Every human being is designed in such a way that their entire life is spent in pursuit of happiness. One adapts to different learning environments, embed tough values and principles, make sacrifices and compromises, overcome miseries and desolation, with the expectation of an oasis before taking the last breath.The age old stories of our ancestors are good examples to prove the obsession of the entire human race towards this magical feeling. The wars fought, treaties signed, relationships endured are all with the objective of gaining more pleasure.But even after putting in lots of effort, they failed in experiencing happinessin an unconditional manner. Let it be the powerful emperor or the wise scientist, innocent child or the experienced adult, judicious philosopher or the committed devotee, happiness never came close on a consistent manner.


It is a fact that people, circumstances and events that are external and beyond control influences the level of happiness of a person. A few also gets affected with certain psychological disorders and may not be in a position to experience feelings compared with normal individuals. Hence the entire scope of the chapter is focused on the common man. ‘Common man’ is a person with a stable mind and body, and not a person with or without wealth and power. He is a person who lives his life in accordance with the societal values and principles, chasing the dreams, believing in destiny and most importantly appearing normal to others

The chapter explores various theories and concepts related to happiness. A detailed explanation is given on the concepts of drives, emotions and feelings, and their manifestation. The role of environment, physiological reaction and cognitive appraisal in enduring happiness is critically evaluated in the chapter. The chapter concludes with a solution to the age-old dilemma regarding happiness, and recommends a way of life to enjoy the sensation to its fullest.


Hope you read the chapter and help yourself to stimulate happiness as a fairly consistent feeling governing your life.


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