Even after acquiring knowledge in many complex areas of the ecosystem and having developed control mechanisms for its endurance, the wisdom of life still remains an enigmafor human beings. Among the various mysterious elements of life, predictability of future is the most significant and complex one.

From time immemorial, man was on the mission to explore the science of predicting the future. Alas, the key to unlock the future was beyond the reach of human intelligence, and still continues to be an unsolved puzzle.

The incomprehensibility of the phenomenon contributed towards inflating the element of curiosity of man, and further instigated various initiatives. As a result, various scientific and pseudoscientific methods were experimented for the purpose of predicting the future. The sciences of astrology, palmistry, numerology, water divining, tarot reading, dream interpretations, omen observations, are a few among many, which were tried at various levels for the purpose of prediction. A few came out to be true and few others were wide off the mark. Based on the results and personal experiences, the belief towards these methods in predictingthe future got either strengthened or weakened. Man,after comprehending all the available sources, continued to live life with limited knowledge and unlimited misconceptions. The unknown aspects as well as the difficulties involved forced him to reorient the future from a different perspective. Thus the concept of predetermined destiny was connected to forthcoming occurrences, and the future got rephrased as fate. Even for fate, different schools of thoughts and different inferences evolved.The chapter,after accommodating all the limitations associated with future, explains the various aspects of human life and its unknown destiny.

A few relevant questions that are related to fate,explained in this chapter includes; Are human beings controlled by an external force? Is the future of human beings pre-decided and predictable? Is it possible to make changes to the future?There are no one-word answers available to any of the questions mentioned above.A detailed study on various scientific and pseudo-scientific methodologies are necessary for getting valid answers to these questions. From astrology to astronomy and from telepathy to neuroscience, various traditional as well as modern concepts are to be examined. Along with that,a large amount of common sense, philosophical acumen and mindfulness are required to unlock the mystery.

Hope you read the chapter and get blessed with the awareness of the powerful unknown which controls your destiny. Let that wisdom enlighten you with the key to unlock the future and reorganize it as you wish.

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