The logic of competing with others for better life is one of the primary lessons taught to a child. He is not only given the basic cognitive inputs but is also guided through a systematic process so as to accommodate the intricacies of competition throughout his life. The world we see today, which is filled with competition and rivalry, is the result of such a life style. The yearning for competition is not only applicable for human beings. Animals, birds and other living beings also get engaged in the entanglement of competition, even though different from the pattern followed by humans.

A few relevant questions that are raised in the chapter are;why do human beings compete with one another? What is the reason behind the inclination of humans to see themselves ahead of others?  Why are they so much determined towards supremacy?Significant inferences have been made over the years by various schools prevalent in this area of study. Satisfying the basic animal instincts embedded deep within the human brain, behavioral norms imposed by the society, desire for more pleasure and comfort, fun of grabbing the unknown, are all reasons endorsedto people getting engaged in competition with others.

Irrespective of the reasons that instigate competition, the fact is that, every second of a person’s life is dedicated to move ahead in terms of materialistic attributes in comparison with another person.Apart from individuals; groups, organizations and nations also become part of this mighty race with more vigor and intensity.The time, energy and resources are assimilated so carefully and intelligently for getting the competitive edge.

The chapter explores the reasons for the obsession of living beings towards competition with their fellow mates. Evidences are presented right from the evolution of life that took place in the planet millions of years ago. The biological, psychological and social reasons for competition among people are well presented with the help of various theories. The elements of competition and its various repercussions in one’s life are explained with suitable examples. In-depth analysis arealso made on certain basic aspects of human life with an objective of finding out the fundamental cause for competitionto happen among living beings. Getting a convincing answer is very much necessary considering the objective of this chapter as the worthlessness of competition could be envisioned only after getting a clear understanding regarding the cause and effect of it.

Hope you read the chapter, and get yourself free from the hitches of competition, a wide spread concept that has made mark on almost all facets of human life.



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