"There is a fundamental drawback to attainment of wisdom. As long as the next level is not accomplished, the faith on the lower level remains strong"
  • “Human beings are designed in such a way that their entire life is spent in pursuit of happiness. “
  • “There exists no activity that is negatively intended by a person and at the same time positively perceived by all means.”
  • “Analyzing the empirical worth of a particular thought process and burying it at its initial stage is one of the most unwise things that the society can do.”
  • “Race is not only about flying higher than the others; it is all about flying safe and reaching the destination.”
  • “As matter existing in the Universe originated from a single fundamental force; disentangling the complexity of diversity is easily possible by focusing on its homogeneity”
  • “For humans, the immediate successor of pleasure is craving for more pleasure, and not satisfaction.”
  • “The underlying fact that love is never unconditional, and hatred is certainly conditional, is the panacea for many of the problems faced by human race”

Hallucinations of Differently Abled Living Beings is a classic guide that enlightens the reader on various attributes of life, related to human psychology. The book questions many of the fundamental ideologies of human life, giving a challenging but exciting experience to the reader. The belief regarding humans as the most able living organism ever created by Nature is challenged, and paraphrased as differently abled living beings. Several established beliefs on happiness, love, race, traits and fate are reviewed with proper scientific backing. A new social architecture that consists of the elements of rearing habits at an experiential level, which in turn are managed and enhanced with proper reinforcements, is recommended. The book stimulates the reader to consider all beings on Earth as equal, and envisages a world with better quality of existence.


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